The Honeyed Ox

Today seems like a perfect day to share with you another hot whiskey drink. It’s cold and very, very wet here in the Northwest. Real whiskey aficionados will probably cringe at my constant mixing of whiskey drinks, preferring instead to drink it neat (my husband’s preference!), but I’m a whiskey wimp. At least this one is pretty simple. It makes a lovely night cap, and it tastes like apple pie!

We have been using Blue Ox Blended Whiskey from OOLA Distillery in Seattle, hence the name Honeyed Ox. OOLA produces this private label whiskey exclusively for Alderbrook Resort in Union, Washington. It was launched on Alderbrook’s New Year’s Eve Bootleggers Haul aboard the Lady Alderbrook to help celebrate a little Hood Canal history. It is now available at the Resort, for enjoyment on the grounds or to purchase in the gift shop. Blue Ox is a blended whiskey, combining Canadian Whiskey, Highland Scotch, and American Bourbon. You can learn more about Blue Ox and its inspiration at a special Whiskey Dinner at Alderbrook on March 10. (Wish we were going but we splurged and went on the Bootlegger’s Cruise!)

For my little drink, I pour one shot (or two!) of Blue Ox in a small mug, add one to two teaspoons of good, raw, local honey, and a dash of cinnamon. Add hot water to fill a small mug or half a regular coffee mug. Adjust to your own taste. It smells wonderful, tastes good, and is very relaxing. Sit back and enjoy!


                                                         Blue Ox neat, the way Jim likes it!

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