Jim Finds His Artistic Side

I’ve always been the artistic one in our relationship. But with all the extra time on our hands from our unplanned retirement, Jim is exploring his creative side as well. He’s always been good with woodworking and made quite a few shelving units for our last house. He recently made a spice rack for me, and that has launched what may become a new little business. At the very least, it keeps him busy in a productive way.

His latest projects are making use of what’s growing on our own property, mainly in the form of small Douglas Firs that were never thinned properly when the property was owned by one of the local timber companies. Thinning out the smaller trees helps our forest environment and provides lots of wood that is just right for wooden coasters, spice racks, a shot glass display, and shelves for the liquor bottles. His next project is a display railing for my decorative plates that have been in their boxes for years. We’ll also be using some of the timber for our garden planter boxes (and some more hugelkultur piles). The rustic look of the fir looks just right in our little country home.

In addition to being a practical and thrifty way to added needed things to the house, the focus that comes with creative projects can really help in dealing with stress and depression. Regardless of what you plan to do with the final project, there is a sense of accomplishment. Even if it doesn’t come out quite the way you planned, there is always something learned in the process. If others compliment you on the work, there is that little boost to your ego. That might sound conceited, but there is a feeling of loss and damage to self-esteem when you find yourself retired without planning to be, and when you are at an age when it can be difficult to find a decent job to replace the one you lost.     

We are looking into the possibility of attending some local craft fairs to sell my photos and Jim’s woodwork. We’ll let you know when our first fair comes along! In the meantime, drop us a line if you are interested in the coasters or racks.

4 thoughts on “Jim Finds His Artistic Side

  1. Tyrannosaurus Fir says:

    You’ve been unfailingly honest about this transition in your lives (the genesis of it and realities, challenges and so forth) and yet there’s so much I don’t know about the collective paths you guys have traveled in life which have brought you to this time so I don’t want to sound saccharine or naive when I say this but I really admire the voice in your writing, the point of view from which you and Jim are looking at life. I envy your strength, wisdom and the walks you must take around your trees when you’re thinking things through. Thinking of Belfair reminds me of the feeling I get when we ride the ferry through Rich Passage and we get over to the Kitsap Peninsula and everything seems so green and texturey compared to the gray hardness and concrete of the city (Seattle). Those shelves look great!


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  2. Kelly says:

    Thank you so very much Jason. I’ve often wondered if I share too much, but as long as someone gets something from it, I will keep going! One of my reasons for writing is that I have so many friends who have gone through recent hardships (some make our difficulties seem like a walk in the park). Some of these same friends also deal with depression, as I do. I just want to let people know that it’s not something to hide away. It’s OK to talk about it; in fact, that is often the only thing that helps you move forward. I must say, I enjoy your writing as well. You have a wonderful sense of humor, while still keeping it real. Too bad our kids aren’t closer in age–I think they might get along!

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