Twanoh State Park

One of the wonderful things about living on Hood Canal, or anywhere on the Olympic Peninsula, is the ability to start your hike in the forest and end the day at the beach. Our beaches are more likely to be covered in rocks than sand, and they might be windy and cold, but they can still be pretty fascinating, especially when the tide is out.

April hasn’t been the best month for us, but we did manage to get out to Twanoh State Park for a great day with a dear friend who came to visit earlier this month. Twanoh is small and close by, which makes it an easy trip when everyone forgets to set alarms for an early morning! The weather was perfect for hiking and we enjoyed the walk. Things have been blooming a bit late this year, due to our record amounts of rain and cool weather, but we did see some Trillium and Salmonberry beginning to come out. We even saw the sun make a rare appearance for part of the day!



After our hike up the service road and back down the trail above the creek, we headed across the street to the water’s edge. We caught a very low tide and had a great time exploring. Lots of people were out gathering oysters (FYI, you have to shuck them at the beach). We saw oysters, clams, mussels, barnacles, snails, tiny crabs, and even what appeared to be small eels under some rocks.

Twanoh offers camping on the forest side and day use on both sides of 106, with a swimming area, picnic tables, hiking trails, and a boat launch. Bring your Discover Pass! Be sure to check it out in the late fall when the salmon return to spawn. It is an amazing sight (and it’s a little smelly!).




These Lemons are Downright Rotten

A friend of mine recently told me she was missing my blog posts and I realized it had been quite some time since I wrote anything. So here’s my reason why. I apologize in advance, as this is going to be a bit of a rant, and I had hoped to keep this blog upbeat for the most part. But it is a blog about coping with major life changes, and sometimes you just need to blow off steam.

A few weeks ago, my husband got a call out of the blue that we thought might be a big change for us, finally in a good way. He got his job back, after a year and a half of being in limbo. The HR department sent him forms to fill out and he was given a date and time to report back to work in two weeks. We were stunned, and then relieved. A huge weight was lifted off our shoulders. It took several days to sink in but it did. One of the reasons I haven’t posted is that I was trying to decide how to continue the blog, as we would no longer be semi-retired.

Luckily, we made no huge financial decisions, because we failed in an age-old lesson–don’t count your chickens before they are hatched. Poor Jim showed up to work at the crack of dawn on Tuesday and was told, “Oh sorry. You don’t have a job after all.” Wow. Stunned once again. If they had called us a day or two after the first news, we would have been OK. After all, nothing much has changed–we are right back where we were a month ago. We didn’t go out and buy a new car or book a month-long tropical vacation. Our big splurge on hearing the good news was buying six fruit trees. I think we can recover from that expense! But the emotional impact is huge. I feel like we have gone back to the beginning, and we are now going through all those awful feelings once again.

We will manage. We were managing. We will continue. We have good supportive friends and family. We have each other. We have a house that’s paid for. In the grand scheme of things, we are better off than a great many people. But it still sucks. It seems like a really nasty, extended April Fool’s joke. And no one likes to feel like a fool.

My next post will be more positive, I promise!