Close to Home

Last week we took a short trip to Mason Lake with the kayaks. I had wanted to go to Twanoh, thinking that Mason Lake was just the slough out to the big lake. Beautiful but full of boats and often rough. Thankfully, Jim talked me into the lake. Little did I know the wonders of the lagoon and creek off to the left of the boat ramp. Lily pads, herons, ducks, flowers, and absolute tranquility awaited us. We even headed down a little creek, with a definite flow and a bit of a paddle back! Too far down and you lose your head in a culvert under the road. We didn’t get that far! But what a gorgeous day. Never underestimate the little secrets close to home. Sometimes the best adventures are fifteen minutes away.

That little adventure can be all that it takes to reset your balance in life. You don’t always need an exotic trip or an intense hike in the mountains. Take that path across the street, bike that easy trail you always pass up, kayak that little lagoon. Find yourself in those small moments of beauty and peace. Namaste!



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Crater Lake Spirits

Several months ago, I finally got to visit Bend Distillery with my husband and my best friend. We had a great time, as I knew we would (definitely worth stopping by if you are in the Bend area). Since then, I have been racking my brain trying to figure out the perfect drink using one of their Crater Lake Vodkas for our Drink of the Month (yes, I know I am behind on that!). While there are many, many delicious concoctions that one could come up with using these delightful vodkas, I have come to the conclusion that the very best way to drink them is chilled and straight up!


I grew up in a time when vodka was vodka-flavored, so sometimes all of these choices are overwhelming. Vodka was a great mixer because it really didn’t have much of a strong taste on its own. But now, there is just about every flavor imaginable. Most however, taste like vodka with flavor added. Some are really good. Some are not. But I haven’t found one yet that can touch the Crater Lake series for amazing flavor. Crater Lake Vodkas taste like the essence of the infusion. The Espresso Hazelnut doesn’t taste like vodka with coffee–it tastes like an amazing Hazelnut Espresso with a kick. The Sweet Ginger is to die for if you like ginger in any form (as I do!). I think it tastes like pure Aloha. It tastes great with all kinds of mixers. It tastes better poured ice-cold into our surf board shot glass. I should add that I have never been a fan of straight shots. Now I am!

The only ones I would mix are the pepper vodkas, but that’s just because I am a wimp when it comes to peppers. Not my husband and daughter! Just like the other vodkas, the peppers in these hit you right off the bat. Fantastic in a Bloody Mary (which I also don’t care for, unless you use Crater Lake Vodka!). Surprisingly good mixed with grapefruit juice (who would have thought???). If you like spicy, lovely on its own–again chilled and in a south-of-the-border style shot glass.

Here’s a little bonus if you fly Alaska Airlines–they serve the Espresso Hazelnut on their flights! In fact, that is where I first heard of Crater Lake Vodkas. So happy I did!!!