Close to Home

Last week we took a short trip to Mason Lake with the kayaks. I had wanted to go to Twanoh, thinking that Mason Lake was just the slough out to the big lake. Beautiful but full of boats and often rough. Thankfully, Jim talked me into the lake. Little did I know the wonders of the lagoon and creek off to the left of the boat ramp. Lily pads, herons, ducks, flowers, and absolute tranquility awaited us. We even headed down a little creek, with a definite flow and a bit of a paddle back! Too far down and you lose your head in a culvert under the road. We didn’t get that far! But what a gorgeous day. Never underestimate the little secrets close to home. Sometimes the best adventures are fifteen minutes away.

That little adventure can be all that it takes to reset your balance in life. You don’t always need an exotic trip or an intense hike in the mountains. Take that path across the street, bike that easy trail you always pass up, kayak that little lagoon. Find yourself in those small moments of beauty and peace. Namaste!



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2 thoughts on “Close to Home

  1. Tyrannosaurus Fir says:

    I’ve had a really long layoff from kayaking because of bad shoulder issues but last week I let my oldest boy convince me to go out in a tandem with him (i have a single but I’m not nearly ready to put myself to that kind of test). Despite being outweighed by a hundred pounds (and sitting in the front) he did a lot of the paddling to save me wear and tear, haha! We had a great time, just easy touring around city. But I’d love to go where you and Jim went. Do you guys have sit-on-tops? Then again, if that’s Jim in one of the pictures it sort of looks like he’s in a river kayak.


    • Kelly says:

      We have two Perception Swifties. Just basic beginner kayaks but they are working well so far. We mostly go out on nice days on the Canal or nearby lakes but did take them down the Cowlitz last weekend (class 1 and 2). Mine did really well. Jim is on the heavy side for the size of his and found he definitely needs a skirt (and to be more cautious in choosing his lines!!). Let us know if you ever come out this way 🙂


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